Product Attributes

pH 7,16
Moisture 31.0 
Organic Nitrogen (N) (%w/w) 4.55
Organic Matter (%w/w) 65.8
Total Potassium K20 (%w/w) 0.95
Total Copper Cu (mg/kg) 36.5
Total Iron Fe (mg/kg) 300
Total Zinc Zn (mg/kg) 24.8
Total Manganese Mn (mg/kg) 58.5
Total Magnesium MgO (mg/kg) 0.41
Total Calcium CaO 2.0
Total Boron B (mg/kg) 166

The only organic soil conditioner containing all organic substances necessary for the proper growth of plants, flowers and trees. 

Contains Calcium, ideal for edible plants, and Total Boron in a ratio of 166mg/kg, which is the ideal quantity for fertilizing olive trees.