Gardens: 50gr is sufficient for 1m2


(2 tablespoons are sufficient for a 30cm pot)
Small pots (less than 30cm in diameter) 1 tbsp
Medium pots 2 tbsp 
Large ports 3 tbsp 


Vegetables 1 tbsp/root 


Large growth shrubs 1 tbsp/sqm
Moderate growth shrubs 2 tbsp/sqm
Gardens 50 gr/sqm   


Grass 1 tbsp/sqm 

Product benefits

Can be used all year round, preferably from Spring to the end of October.
Long-term fertilizer – with no nitrogen losses
No danger of over-fertilization 
Improves plants’ and grass’ color
Improves soil’s water holding capacity
Fully mixable in crops and application soil – a very fine, black powder
Contains micronutrients responsible for the proper growth of plants
Not edible
Keep away from children